Domination Services

Dominatrix Services in Cheshire

In general, my favourite sessions include torturing you in new ways, pushing your limits, bringing you back to a safe place and then pushing your limits even harder. You should be communicative about your experience, limits and preferences. I particularly enjoy expressive individuals during session. I adhere to “safe, sane and consensual.”

Foot Worship

If you deeply cherish the thought of submitting beneath my picturesque feet, the finest stockings and the the most exquisite shoes, then you have have come to right place.  A true devotee to the art of receiving Foot Worship from the discerning gentleman.

Tease and Denial

I am an expert on keeping you on edge for as long as I want. Whimpering and begging to be allowed to release turn me on like you wouldn’t believe. I will keep testing your rock hard cock to determine if it is ready, probably under my stiletto heel.

Corporal punishment/pain

My personal favourite, I enjoy light to heavy impact play, CBT, NT, caning, paddling, etc. I love marking with my canes and single tails, but my favourite is leaving my stiletto heels marks in your inner thighs. Marking is optional, I can also deliver pain without it.


I love my girls! Whether you need a big sister to help you get pretty or a partner in crime for a night on the town, I will make you the belle (or whore) of the ball.

Sessions usually differ hugely from client to client and as such i am expert in many forms of  domination and humiliation, amongst many other things.

I am happy to offer the following activities – if your particular interest is not listed then please feel free to ask, I can only say no :-

  • Foot Worship
  • Cock & Ball Play
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Bondage / Rope Bondage
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Nipple Torment
  • Maid Training / Male > Female transformation
  • Mild to Severe Teasing
  • Smoking Fetish

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